You have found the Aaron Shafer’s research group based out of the Forensic Science and Environmental Life Sciences programs at Trent University. We use genomic tools to study organisms in their natural environment. Our aim is to learn about population processes and histories in hopes of informing conservation and management initiatives. I invite interested students to Join The Lab



My research is directed at species in their natural environments. Mammals - ranging from small to large - have been the focal group, but that is ever evolving. Projects typically rely on partnerships with various agencies.




The overarching goal is to develop the tools and datasets that can help better manage and conserve biodiversity. I am increasingly interested in the legal and policy applications of genomic data. 




Genomic data - long stretches of DNA and 10s of 1000s of polymorphic sites or SNPs - form the foundation of the research. We also explore the applicability of different population genomic analyses using simulated data.